10 worst murders by the musicians

Musicians are often victims of murders but in this collection all the way around. Murder is not always intentional: sometimes it is a tragic accident, and sometimes a truly cruel and carefully planned crime. We suggest you read about ten musicians who committed worst murders.

10. The Who’s drummer Keith Moon crushed his own driver

Keith Moon

Keith Moon/ worst murders/ Image Credit: Flickr

On the eve of January 4, 1970, the drummer of “The Who”, Keith Moon, his wife Kim, his driver Neil Boland and several of his friends took part in the opening of the Red Lion pub in Hetfield. Also at the opening were local representatives of the working class and skinheads who were insulted by the status of a rock star and a demonstration of his financial well-being. With the passage of the night, the situation became heated, and Moon’s companions decided to take him away from the pub, but when they tried to leave, their “Bentley” was surrounded and pelted with coins. Neil Boland left the car to calm the crowd and thereby provide the company with the opportunity to leave. The frightened Moon, who did not drive very well in a sober state, got behind the wheel and pushed the car around. When the car reached the end of the road, they suddenly realized that under the car was Boland with a crushed skull. Moon, who blamed himself for this incident for the rest of his life, was acquitted – Boland’s death was declared a tragic accident.

9. Jim Gordon, the co-author of the Layla script, stabbed his mother

Jim Gordon

Jim Gordon/ worst murders/ Image credit: Flickr

Jim Gordon, a drummer, and protégé of Hel Blaine from Wrecking Crew is best known for collaborating with The Everly Brothers, The Beach Boys, Glen Campbell, Alice Cooper and Joe Cocker. But first of all, he was brought to fame with the collaboration with Eric Klepton, in co-authorship with which he in 1970 wrote the song “Layla”, which eventually won the Grammy.
The strange behavior of Gordon and the outbreak of violence began to appear in 1969, and then his father first advised him to seek help. Nevertheless, he ignored the manifestations of schizophrenia, and for several years the diagnosis was not made. Gordon was haunted by hallucinations, the strongest of which was associated with the mother: her voice hurt him, deprived him of sleep, exhausted, and this ultimately affected his ability to play drums.
June 3, 1983, in an attempt to silence the voice in his head, Gordon scored his real mother with a hammer and then hit her with a knife to cut the meat several times. Despite the documented history of mental illness, in 1984 he was found guilty of second-degree murder in connection with the recently amended law in California, which abolished indulgence for insane people. Gordon was sentenced to 16 years imprisonment.

8. Bassist “Sex Pistols” Sid Vicious stabbed his girlfriend

Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious/ worst murders/ Image credit: Flickr

Sid Vicious (birth name John Simon Ritchie) was born in London. After being expelled from high school, impresario Malcolm McLaren, owner of a boutique in Chelsea called “Sex”, was noticed by him, where a punk movement was born. It was here that McLaren founded the band “Sex Pistols”, and when the first bass player Glen Matlock was fired, McLaren took Sid’s group, as he had the right behavior, the necessary skills, and the appropriate look.

Nevertheless, the success of the group was short-lived. Within a year of the formation of the Sid group, due to the influence of his American friend, Nancy Spungen became addicted to heroin. Nancy, a fan of the band and a former prostitute, was a woman who slandered “Sex Pistols”, as a result of which their tour of the United States broke down. However, Sid was heavily dependent on her, and when the group broke up, the couple reunited, and eventually they began to live together in New York at the Chelsea hotel.
As the physical and financial condition of the couple worsened, their relations also deteriorated, they often fought, and their main task was to find a new dose. Witnesses in the Nancy murder case said that Sid was almost always in a semi-conscious state, and when he came to himself, he was in a depressed mood and played with a knife.

The next day after the murder, an unknown person called the receptionist and said that there was a disaster in Room 100. Arriving at the scene, the police and paramedics found the dead Nancy in the bathroom. Sid was arrested for killing a girl, but before the trial, he never showed up, because he died of an overdose on February 2, 1979.

7. Producer Phil Spector shot the actress Lana Clarkson

Phil Spector

Phil Spector/ worst murders/ Image credit: Flickr

The legendary music producer and creator of the “sound wall” technology Phil Spector conquered the American charts of the 1960s. Spector created the bands The Ronettes, The Crystals and The Righteous Brothers, and then left the music, disappointed by the failure of his own masterpiece, River Deep, Mountain High. Then he reappeared and produced the albums of John Lennon, George Harrison, The Ramones, and others.

On February 3, 2003, Spector decided to go to Hollywood, he finished the night at the Blues House on Sunset Strip. The institution belonged to the film actress Lana Clarkson, known for her role in the film “Careless Times at Ridgemont High.” She did not recognize Spector and refused to visit him, but other members of the leadership insisted on admission to the club.

6. Leader of the cult David Koresh is responsible for the death of his followers

David Koresh

David Koresh/ worst murders/ Image credit: Flickr

The son of a 15-year-old single mother, lonely and constantly subject to ridicule, Vernon Wayne Howell showed interest only in two things – music and the Bible. Being still very young, he joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church, where he was expelled because he had a negative influence on other members of the church. The singer, songwriter, and guitarist, he came to the famous Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles to carry the word of God and fulfill his dream of becoming a rock star.
All his attempts turned out to be fruitless, so he instead settled in Texas, where he joined the Branch of David, a religious sect whose number in the best years reached 1,400 people. Howell began the affair with the prophetess and leader of the Lois Roden sect, this happened in the mid-1960s. Then Roden died, which led to a struggle for power among the sectarians, and Howell gained power over the group. He changed his name to David Koresh and settled in Mr. Carmel’s community.
There were rumors that under his leadership in the community ill-treatment of children and illegal possession of arms were flourishing. The Bureau for the Control of Alcohol, Tobacco, Arms, and Explosives in 1993 raided the headquarters of the sect. After a 51-day siege and an epic shootout between federal authorities and members of the cult, the building was burned to the ground with Koresh and 79 other sextons inside.

5. Bassist Varg Vikernes stabbed his colleague

Varg Vikernes

Varg Vikernes/ worst murders/ Image credit: Flickr

Varg Vikernes was one of the first participants in the growing movement of black metal and the accompanying musical direction in Norway. The former member of the band “Mayhem”, he later chose the career of a solo artist, still producing albums under the name “Burzum”. True, he is more famous for his scandalous behavior than for music.

When the movement gained popularity, several churches were damaged due to seemingly unrelated arsons. Vikernes took responsibility for the attacks, which he told the Norwegian press. Nevertheless, later he denied his involvement in the arson and claimed that he only promoted the black metal scene. In connection with these fires he was arrested, but soon he was released because of the absence of corpus delicti.

His colleague  Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth, also known as Euronymous, opened the Helvete store in Oslo for fans and musicians of black metal. After the arrest of Vikernes, Euronymous, fearing attention from the police and the media, closed the music store and stopped talking with his former colleague.
August 10, 1993, Vikernes came to Euronymous to discuss the treaty, they argued, and Vikernes dealt Euronimus 23 stab wounds. Vikernes claimed that he had killed him for self-defense, but his true motives are still unknown. He was sentenced to 21 years imprisonment for murder, but in 2009 he was conditionally released for good behavior.

4. Producer Joe Meek shot his apartment owner

Joe Meek

Joe Meek/ worst murders/ Image credit: Flickr

Joe Meek was a producer in the record company Maverick Records Company and the songwriter – under his direction the studio released a series of hits in the early 1960s. Particular success was achieved when his song “Telstar”, co-written with the band “Tornado”, was the first British single, which won first place in the US charts.
By 1966, the tastes of the audience had changed somewhat, and luck had left Mick. His songs no longer became hits, Mick got into debt, he had problems with the law. He was accused not only of plagiarism but also of homosexual harassment, after which he was repeatedly blackmailed.
On February 3, 1967, Mick, who suffered from depression and paranoia, gave a note to his assistant Patrick Pink, which said: “I’m leaving. Goodbye”. Mick also asked Patrick to meet their apartment hostess, Violet Senton, and when she arrived, Mick quarreled with her and shot first at her, and then into himself.

3. The leader of the hippy cult, Charles Manson, ordered the murder of Tate and La Bianca

Charles Manson

Charles Manson/ worst murders/ Image credit: Flickr

In 1967, Charles Manson left the Terminal Island prison, where he spent more than half his life. After his parole, he asked the authorities to allow him to remain in prison, declaring her his home, but, nevertheless, he had to leave. The world where he turned out to be, was very different from what he remembered. And then Charlie went to San Francisco, where the hippy movement and free love flourished – it was there that he found members of his “Family” commune.

For some time the commune traveled to the eastern states, and then finally settled in Los Angeles. Dennis Wilson, the drummer of The Beach Boys, picked up two fellow travelers who were members of The Family, and soon after, Manson and his commune moved to Wilson’s mansion. For a time, both sides benefited from cohabitation: Wilson had accessible girls, and Manson got an example of the lifestyle of a rock star and a potential contract.
Wilson convinced The Beach Boys to record one of Manson’s songs “Cease To Exist” and even introduced the young musician to producer Terry Melcher, who at that time lived in the house on Cielo Drive with his wife Sharon Tate. However, Manson did not impress the producer, and he refused to give him a contract. Relations with Wilson also ended, and then Manson ordered to kill Tate and La Bianca. Family members killed for a while chasing the “Family” in Los Angeles in the race, called Manson “Helter-Skelter.”
Manson and several of his followers were arrested and taken into custody on suspicion of stealing a car when they were hiding in the desert. When they were in prison, it became known about their involvement in several murders. They were charged, and the court found them guilty. All were sentenced to death, which in 1972 was replaced by life imprisonment. Currently, Manson is serving time in the state prison of Corcoran.

9. The vocalist of the group “Motley Crüe” Vince Neil killed his friend, driving behind the wheel drunk

Vince Neil

Vince Neil/ worst murders/ Image credit: Flickr

During their first US tour in 1984, members of the Hanoi Rocks group stayed at Vince Neal’s house, the vocalist of Motley Crüe. For several days they were resting and having parties.
On December 8, Neil and the drummer “Hanoi Rocks” Nicholas “Reszli” Dingley drove to the nearest wine store. The Drunk Nile failed to manage and crashed into the oncoming car, killing Reszli and seriously injuring two people from another car – he was accused of murder and driving drunk. He was sentenced to 30 days’ imprisonment, of which he served 15, $ 2.6 million in compensation to victims and their families and to five years of probation.

1. Bobby Beausoleil stabbed his roommate

worst murders

Robert Beausoleil/ worst murders/ Image credit: Wikipedia

Before joining the “Family” Manson, Bobby Beausoleil enjoyed minor success in the profession of musician and actor. In the mid-1960s, Beausoleil, together with Arthur Lee, founded the Grass Roots group, later renamed Love. For some time they toured to San Francisco, where they often performed at free local rock concerts called Orcustra. In 1967, Orcustra disintegrated, and Beausoleil met Kenneth Egner and wrote music for his film “The Rise of Lucifer.”
When collaboration with Enger ceased, Beausoleil was in Los Angeles, participated in porn films, then met with Manson and joined the “Family”, and he began living in the house of the music teacher Gary Hinman. Together with Hinman, they sold the acid to local bikers living on Spahn ranch, where the “Family” lived at that time, but they did not like drugs, and they demanded their money back.
Hinman refused to return the money, and Manson cut off his ear as a warning. Two days later, Manson ordered Beausoleil to kill Hinman, who twice hit Hinman with a knife in the chest, and two girls from the “Family” at that time stifled Hinman with a pillow.
Beausoleil was arrested for killing Hinman and sentenced to death. Later, his sentence was changed to life imprisonment, since in 1972 the death penalty was banned in the state of California. He is currently serving life in prison in Oregon.

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