Grandparent relationships – rules how to communicate with your elderly parents

One sad day every person understands that his parents are elderly now, but despite it’s very upset, many people find it too hard to communicate with their elderly parents in the grandparent relationships. Time goes by, and you should find the best way for communication. So, here are some rules how to communicate with your elderly parents.

■ Don’t wait for getting any pleasure from your grandparent relationships.
If you do not wait for the pleasure from conversations with elderly parents, you will more likely get it. You may get the pleasure from yourself: for example, if it is necessary to have a difficult talk with parents, try not to show your anger during it. It can be hard for one second maybe, then you will get pleasure thinking that you were able to hold yourself. When elderly parents irritate you with their words, don’t be, as, in fact, you will be same like them in 25 years.
■ Guide by yourself in the grandparent relationships. We all got used to being guided by our parents, as they are strong and can help or hive some good advice, but now they are old, so it’s our turn to rule the situation. Parents always want us to be successful, so when we go to visit them and always complain, they can’t help at all. So divide all your truths: there are truths which are good and truths that elderly parents shouldn’t know. Their success is our prosperity, so mind it before complaining in front of them.

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■ Don’t try to change them. When we were children, parents used to tell us about a child living in your neighborhood, who was much better in studies and more obedient than we. It irritated ur, right? Nobody likes being compared with other people, so don’t pay them back in your grandparent relationships, telling that other elderly people go out to breathe fresh air more than your parents. We try to change them, but we just should accept them as they are. They can’t be renewed, no more modernization at all. If a person has been smoking for his whole life, he just can’t give up in his elderly years.
■ Know them well. People say that to understand a blind person try at least to draw in the dark room. So know your parents very well – their difficulties, weakness, and problems. Our old relatives can suffer from depression feeling every day that their power becomes less and fight with stress. Try to understand them and take into consideration their peculiarities. They take pills at certain hours during the day. An approximate human life is 80 years: generally, he is ill for 5 years and needs help for 2 years. Just accept it and understand that it’s a paying for their long life.

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■ Don’t be involved in a conflict in your grandparent relationships. Remember, that your elderly parents were young like you, but you have never been as old as they are now. Elderly parents can seem aggressive, but it’s only because they are not satisfied with themselves. When you understand this reason and smile instead of shouting in response with no words, their aggression will disappear. Practice in changing the topic of your conversation, it will help you much to avoid conflicts with your elderly parents.

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Author: Vicky Verma

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