Almost everyone knows how hard it is to keep romance in a marriage. When a couple of years together, the partners are constantly looking for ways to diversify the relationship. Some people allow their beloved one to start looking for a new sexual partner. In their opinion, this really helps to strengthen the marriage. Paradoxically, couples who recognize such a relationship say that it is good for them.
Whether you a supporter of this position or prefer traditional views in this matter, it is still interesting to know what opinion celebrities hold. Today we will consider 10 hot celebrities that favor free relations.


Megan Fox

Model and actress Megan Fox is 29-year-old Hollywood hot celebrity. As a teenager, she never allowed herself liberties. Apparently, now she decided to change her demeanor. Megan grew up in a strict family – she was not allowed to meet with the guys when she was in high school. After the wedding with Brian Austin Green, she had the opportunity to do what was not allowed in her youth, that is, to have sex. Fox and Green have two common sons. Nevertheless, there are rumors that Brian looks positively at his wife sleeping with another man. Perhaps her sexuality acts on him in such a way that he is ready to allow his wife whatever she wants. There are rumors that they have a free marriage, which allows you to go on the side from time to time.



Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Some rumors about free relations revolve around a couple of Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Bred Hall. However, it is unclear whether Holla is allowed to be with other women, or Julia with other men, or both spouses are happy to indulge in such pleasure. Louis-Dreyfus is known for the role of Elaine in the hit sitcom “Seinfeld”, as well as for the main role in the series “The New Adventures of Old Christine.” Brad Hall is a screenwriter, director, and actor. He created the series “Watching Ally”, “Lonely Guy” and many others. The couple got married in 1987 after they met while studying at Southeast University.



About the actor, rapper Will Smith and his wife Jade Pinkett-Smith, there were rumors of a free marriage, even when Jade denied everything. Once Will stated that he and his wife would not want to “deny what is natural” since at times they are drawn to other people. Smith said that if he or Jade wanted to have sex with someone else, they would be honest with each other. He also said that if one of the spouses does not give permission, then the partner should dull his wishes to do it. Both spouses have made it clear that no one can constantly follow each other, and their fidelity is a personal decision of each of them.


Image result for justin timberlake

According to rumors between singer Justin Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel, there is a hint of an open relationship. Now it becomes clear why he so convincingly played in the movie “Sex on friendship.” Some even believe that he slept with Mila Kunis. Despite the fact that Timberlake and Biel keep their private lives in secret, many people suspect that their relations are with other people too. Before returning to Biel, Justin was with Cameron Diaz, who denied her faith in marriage. However, since then she managed to marry the founder of the group “Good Charlotte” Bendzhi Madden. By the way, Justin refers to celebrities who admire men.



Image result for BILL CLINTON

No one can forget the most resonant scandal of the 1990s that arose between former President Bill Clinton and an intern Monica Lewinsky. Apparently, this is not the first time that Clinton was in sexual relations with another woman in addition to his wife, the policy of Hillary Clinton. One of Bill’s mistresses Jennifer Flourens claimed that the president had relations on the side. Also, she said that Mrs. Clinton was a lesbian, so he cheated on him too. Hilary confirmed her intention to participate in the presidential elections in 2016, so such rumors may re-emerge during her campaign.



Image result for TILDA SWINTON

Great British actress Tilda Swinton, known for her bright appearance and roles in fiction and science fiction films. Swinton has a serious relationship with John Byrne, with whom she brings up two children. However, she admitted that she has a sexual relationship with the artist Sandro Kopp. Tilda said that for her the most important thing is the happiness of those she loves. Then she said that any family should do anything that would benefit them. While this is correct only, in theory, it becomes interesting how Tilda and Byrne will explain to children their views on open relationships.


Image result for pink singer
Pink, one of the most popular female singers of the year 2015, and her husband, the motorcycle racer Cary Hart, was briefly suspected of having free connections. Apparently, Pink and Hart became jealous of each other after the marriage. This, perhaps, confirms the great love between them. Now the couple looks happy and brings up the daughter Willow.


Image result for george clooney

Clooney has been known for long as one of the most avid bachelor’s of Hollywood. Once in his youth, he was married but swore never to marry again. He had several high-profile relationships, including a romance with Stacey Kibler. Then Clooney surprised everyone when he abruptly married Amal Alamuddin, who works as a lawyer in the field of criminal and international law. He publicly expressed his love for her, confessing that he could not love someone else. However, according to rumors, Clooney still has other love affairs. For others – Amal in anticipation of a child in the near future.

Image result for ANGELINA JOLIE

For many people – it’s not news that sexy Angelina Jolie can change the most beautiful actor in the world, Brad Pitt. Jolie argues that loyalty is not an indispensable component for a relationship. She also said that if they both live together, it does not mean to be “chained together”. On the contrary, they never “do not limit each other”. It suggests that in their marriage they are allowed to sleep with someone they want. Some people believe that if Jolie “stole Pitt” from Jennifer Aniston, as she really does not believe in devotion. You can read other unknown facts about Angelina Jolie.

Image result for JOHN CUSIMANO
Lawyer, singer, producer Show Rachel Ray, and finally, the husband ofRachel. When John helped his wife from time to time prepare tasty dishes and cocktails in the show, there was talk that Cusimano was lighting up New York. According to many rumors, he attends a swinger club. And the witnesses of it claim that he was definitely not with his wife. Ray did not refuse therumorss. But she said that their family is collapsing when people talk about John’s way of life.

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Author: Vicky Verma

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